[pct-l] Kick Off

Gary Schenk gary at hbfun.org
Mon Apr 23 14:51:18 CDT 2018

On Mon, April 23, 2018 10:37 am, Matthew Edwards wrote:
> I remember back in 2009.

I was there in 2009. I had a week's vacation, so Snake Lady and I were
going to hike Section A. We were placed in the Section Hiker Quarantine
Zone where we camped with I-Beam and Lightened Up. We also ran into a
climbing friend of ours: Topo Man.

We bummed a ride to the border and slack packed back to Lake Morena. Then
on Sunday we hiked out with the Herd, we were right behind the Why Girls
and being filmed by National Geographic. (We only made it to the cutting
room floor)

It was a nice week, good weather for that section. We hiked by ourselves
but at breaks we'd see the Why Girls, Saint Rick and the Family Unit. We
saw Lightened Up at Mt. Laguna where he was desperately, and quite
successfully, lightening up!

We got off at Warner Springs, but continually during the summer we ran
into folks we'd met in Section A. Driving through Lone Pine we saw
Skywalker. On July 4th, on the way in to climb Mt. Lyle and Mt. McClure,
we ran into Why Not and Why Wait. They told us the Family Unit
(Bristlecone and Uber Bitch) was right behind. We also ran into one of the
Boys From Maine that day, the only still on the trail. Right after him Mr.
Grumpy came own the trail It was fun hearing their stories, they were all
so happy.

Since we've hooked up with Lightened Up on several occasions both on the
PCT and on the AT. We were honored to hike with him to Manning Park from
Stehekin. He was kind enough to slow down so we could keep up.

The kick off only had a short window of opportunity, and we're glad we got
to see it.


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