[pct-l] Kickoff 2009

Pat Wormington airecrew09 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:32:35 CDT 2018

SO GOOD TO HEAR VOICES FROM THE 2009 KICKOFF!!  I remember Sunday morning had a half inch of frost on the tables and 2 coffee pots had broken down.  By the time I hiked from Anza to the KO, flipped to Agua Dulce hiked to Anza, did another Southbound from Manning Park to Stehekin, WA, I knew everyone that was finishing in September.  I’m still a trail maintainer from 2005 & June 2006 when there was so much snow the best way to get trail reports was to join a crew, Sonora Pass where we shoveled the trailhead entrance the first day and had to climb the N. mountaineers route up to the trail.  Camping in Desolation Wilderness in September we met a S bound gal from Michigan who had hiked 200 miles in the snow by herself and had never used an ice axe before.  You can die out there!   Please hikers, do not risk your life to hike the PCT!  Good Luck to You All, take time to enjoy the scenery.  

Jollylopper 2009  

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