[pct-l] Star City Creek

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Sat Aug 18 08:46:11 CDT 2018

Let's have some actual content on the list, even if belated.

When I was on section O around July 4, I needed to get some water
between Mushroom Rock and Grizzly Peak.   At an obscure trail junction
at an non-existent stream marked on the topo map, there is a route
marked to water.    Even though it's discussed in Yogi's book and the
water report, I had a little trouble finding it.     The through hikers
are probably through for the season, but for next year...

It's called AlderCreekTr on half-mile maps.   There were some ribbons
on the PCT marking the junction, and it wasn't too hard to follow them
to the road, and then to the creek bed... which was dry.   One is tempted
to follow the implied route across the creek bed on a disappearing road,
then a disappearing trail, which leads to hearing the creek but not seeing
it because of brush.      The right answer is that instead of crossing
the creek, you stay on the better road you were on for a little further
north, and then you come to an opening in the brush and a way to get
to the water.    A few more strategic ribbons might have expedited that.

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