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Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
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This is definitely not a PCT topic (although logging right next to the
trail is), but I feel I must respond to this thread. I fought forest
fires for 30 years and also cleaned up logging slash in the US Forest
Service in the Sierra and provided environmental input to over 200
timber sales. Logging trees does not in itself reduce fire hazard. The
slash that is left after trees are removed has to be cleaned up to
mitigate fire hazard. I initial attacked fires and one of the
questions we would ask before planning an attack strategy was "Where
are the old timber sale units? Not because they reduced fire behavior,
but because the leftover logging debris would exacerbate fire behavior
and make the job of fire control even harder.Thinning thick forests of
small trees is good, as long as the debris is cleaned up. I support
thinning projects that clean up the slash. Ashland, Oregon is a good
example of a town that is mitigating fire hazard by doing this. They
do thinning and prescribed burning and clean up slash. They are
working in partnership with the Feds and local government for funding
and also get money from their thinning. This is a nuanced issue
requiring educated citizen oversight and input.

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