[pct-l] Two possible hikes, 566-602 or 190-179

Ron Graybill rgraybill44 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 03:07:04 CDT 2018

Still whittling away at the PCT, interested in possible hiking partner to
hike one or both of these sections in mid to late September, weather

1. One day, 13 miles, southbound from Fuller Ridge (190.5) to Devil's Slide
Trail at 179.4, and thence down the 2.6 miles on Devil's Slide Trail to
Humber Park in Idylwild. (Provided Cranston Fire did not close Devil's
Slide Trail).

2. Three days, 36 miles (dry--unless Golden Oak Spring is still running)
northbound from Highway 58 west of Mojave, CA, (566) to Jawbone Canyon Road
at Mile 602.

If interested, I'll discuss logistics with you.

Ron "Slow Charger" Graybill
Ontario, CA

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