[pct-l] what happened to PCT-l ... and the message traffic that once lived here

David Plotnikoff david at emeraldlake.com
Sun Feb 25 01:24:16 CST 2018

Hi Brick (and PCT-l as a group)

A long-time list lurker here (David Plotnikoff). As in 20+ years on the 

About two years ago, my weekly digests of the posts simply stopped. 
Full-on dead. Brick, I did what you asked and checked spam filters. 
Nothing changed on my end.

So that was the point for me, unable to receive posts, where PCT-l 
essentially died.

Was it just me? Was it a legion of other people also being cut off at 
the same time?

Truly, I don't believe it was just some glitch on my Internet service 
provider end.

What was to accout for roughly 95 percent of the message traffic on 
PCT-l dropping off in a period of a few months?

I'm very troubled to be estranged from the community (the Facebook 
groups aren't anything near the same) and really want to see something 

David Plotnikoff


david at emeraldlake.com

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