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For landmarks, assuming these are digital photos, there are a couple 
ways that I know of.  JPEG files usually have extra data attached to 
them in a format called EXIF, and that data can sometimes be used to 
figure out where the photo was taken.

First, and easiest, some cameras have GPS receivers (or other location 
sensors), and will attach your location data to the photo in an EXIF 
tag.  Most smartphones do this by default.  This data can later be read 
by appropriate software.  E.g. I've heard of software that will put your 
photos on a map according to where they were taken -- I haven't tried it 
myself though.

Second, digital cameras that don't have GPS will normally at least have 
a clock, and put the time and date of the photo in an EXIF tag.  If you 
have a record of where you were each day (e.g. I wrote down my mileage 
according to the Halfmile app each night), you can infer which stretch 
of the trail the photo is from.

And lastly, when you're not sure where you took a photo but have some 
guesses, you could always just google those guesses and see if they look 
like your photo.

I'm afraid none of that is much help for identifying hikers, though... I 
too wish I'd taken down who was in which photo (and taken more photos of 
people and less of scenery).  I've always wished cameras would let you 
record a short voice clip with your photo, e.g. "Picture of Mike, mile 


On 02/25/2018 01:13 AM, Michael Donnay wrote:
> After many hikes on the trail, I have finished with a collection of
> thousands of photos.  But years later, I have little way of knowing
> what is in each photo.  At least they are in sequential order from
> Campo to Manning. I wish I had somehow recorded the name of the peak,
> pass, range, valley, river, lake, meadow, hiker, etc in each photo.
> Has anyone figured out an easy way of doing this?  Does it require
> some special camera equipment? Thanks,Mike 
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