[pct-l] what happened to PCT-l ... and the message traffic that once lived here

Scott Diamond scott.diamond.mail at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 15:23:55 CST 2018

But Facebook isn't the only option. There is a Reddit PCT Discussion section
<https://www.reddit.com/r/PacificCrestTrail/> which is quite active. I just
looked at it and there were about a dozen posts just today. The discussion
on Reddit is very similar to the topics that are/were discussed on this
group. Personally I like Reddit more, insofar as the mechanics of handling
topics. Topics are organized in threads, I can save a whole thread and
follow comments on with one click, it hands split discussion on a topic.
I'm at loss to see a benefit of the PCT-L over Reddit. It is nice to have
one place to go to instead of checking multiple sites. I realize there is a
historic attachment to this e-mail list but maybe we should all move to
Reddit and put this list to rest?


On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 12:24 PM, Herb Stroh <HStroh at sjmslaw.com> wrote:

> Agree with Shroomer and all of those stating their preference for this
> list over Facebook. Trying to get info via Facebook is like trying to have
> a conversation with a crowd while walking in opposite directions. Then add
> the inevitable trolling that comes with that brand of social media, and it
> simply fails to inform or provide entertaining exchanges.
> Perhaps those of us that prefer this medium need to be more active in
> posting questions and general points of discussion to re-enliven the List.
> Herb
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> Yup, PCTL still rocks. Thank you Brick for all the years of good stuff and
> sound advice. It’s still my favorite hiker forum.
> I just finished a walk and will have more time to chuck in my two cents as
> the season approaches.
> Shroomer
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