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There is also the option of using flameless heaters. Like the ones that
come in MREs. They use a small amount of water to activate.

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> It's not that difficult to go cook less. Any of the instant soups that you
> can buy in bulk will rehydrate in cold water. It just takes a bit longer.
> Taste Adventure makes 4 that I know of. They are organic and Vegan.
> *Instant hummus. *Precooked taco shells.
> *Soy or mushroom jerky.
> *Nuts ,dried fruit.
> *Add dried Eggplant powder to your hummus and you have a sort of
> Babaganoush. *Almond butter,Cashew butter. Put a fruit tea bag in your
> plastic bottle let soak on the back of your pack and you have "sun tea".
> Hibiscus, and dried cherry is good. I've probably hiked 6,000 miles
> stoveless.
> Yes, it's easier with one but at least we know we can do it this way.
> If you want to buy the Alpine Aire meals -- all of the veg ones rehydrate
> in cold water. I think that any meal which only requires boiling water and
> not cooking will work that way.
> I'm sure others have suggestions also.
> Marmot
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