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I've been stoveless for the last 5 or 6 years, through all of OR, WA, and most of MT (and a little bit of CO).  I use a lot of the same basic foods I used to cook.  The mainstays are freeze-dried meats and veggies from Provident Pantry (beprepared.com). It's clearly a LDS supply business, but they assured me they would sell to Methodists.  At home I pre-mix a meat (beef, chicken, turkey, or ham) with a variety of veggies (they offer probably 2 dz).  After lunch I add water to the meat/veggy mixture and let it start rehydrating.  About an hour before eating I add a carb and some kind of seasoning like bouillon, spice mix, onion dip mix, red pepper flakes, or tabasco.  My favorite carbs are instant potatoes, refried bean mix, black bean mix, and hummus.  I found that instant rice and pasta turn into glop - they don't rehydrate well in cold water.  Freeze-dried cheeses are also an option, to break up the boredom.  At dinner time, I can add more potatoes or water if too thick or thin.

Lunch is usually a bread (tortilla, muffin, crackers, etc. with shelf-stable meat like pepperoni or summer sausage, hard cheese, mustard, ...  Freeze -dried fruit is a good snack at lunch or anytime on the trail.  I also eat a lot of peanut butter; I mix peanut butter powder with honey crystals, Nido, and powdered coconut milk,then add water in a small nalgene screw-top container.  Trail mix and various bars fill in the gaps of hunger.  The time I save by not cooking gives me more time to fantasize about what hot meals I'll order in town.

Oh, yeah - breakfast.  Pre-mixed packs of granola, bran, freeze dried fruit, and Nido.  Add water while taking down tent to let the fruit soften a little.  Coffee - although I love hot coffee or hot chocolate, I've found that Starbucks' Via instant packs are surprising good in a liter of cold water - one regular coffee pack and 1 flavored latte together.


, pre-mis at 
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> It's not that difficult to go cook less. Any of the instant soups that you can buy in bulk will rehydrate in cold water. It just takes a bit longer. Taste Adventure makes 4 that I know of. They are organic and Vegan. *Instant hummus. *Precooked taco shells.  
> *Soy or mushroom jerky. 
> *Nuts ,dried fruit. 
> *Add dried Eggplant powder to your hummus and you have a sort of Babaganoush. *Almond butter,Cashew butter. Put a fruit tea bag in your plastic bottle let soak on the back of your pack and you have "sun tea". Hibiscus, and dried cherry is good. I've probably hiked 6,000 miles stoveless. 
> Yes, it's easier with one but at least we know we can do it this way. 
> If you want to buy the Alpine Aire meals -- all of the veg ones rehydrate in cold water. I think that any meal which only requires boiling water and not cooking will work that way. 
> I'm sure others have suggestions also. 
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