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Thu Jan 11 09:38:48 CST 2018

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From: Brick Robbins <brick at brickrobbins.com>

I do not see how stove usage is evidence that "PCT hikers cannot be
trusted with fire" and I still don't see how fire rings have anything
to do with stoves.

Also, as a resident of Southern California, who frequents the PCT year
round, not just the thru-hiker season, I can assure you that the vast
majority of the use the trail gets is not from thru-hikers, but from
weekenders, hunters and day hikers. The proximity of Angeles NF to Los
Angeles gives easy access city folks who have no clue about things
like Leave No Trace, Fire Safety or even cleaning up their own

The weekend after the opening of Deer Season here in San Diego
country, much of the area around the PCT is littered with fire rings,
spent shell casing, and empty beer cans. I avoid the backcountry on
Opening Day. A person just can't wear enough orange to feel

While I support education, and "getting the word out," it will require
outreach to the non-hiking population, not demeaning messages telling
thru hikers that they can't be trusted with fire.


Brick, you are right, of course. But a lot of the fire rings I find are where PCTers camp. Most hunters don't even get out of their trucks! :-) 

There was a fellow on the trail a few years ago, forget his name, who was posting a journal. I removed a couple of his fire rings. All illegal. Even after putting a post on his journal guestbook suggesting that the fires were not cool, he kept on.

There's a series of youtubes posted by a woman who thruhiked last year. I didn't view all of them, yet saw at least three illegal fires in the Angeles and Kings Canyon. Not to mention setting her tent up next to a small stream in the southern sections trampling riparian habitat. And she was an "expert."

Most hikers can be trusted with fire, I agree, but as the trail population increases so does the number of those who can't.

Which of course has nothing to do with a stove ban.


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