[pct-l] Getting down to NF brass tacks- Developed recreation sites. [ definition ] & Fire. [ definition ]

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§261.16   Developed recreation sites. Developed recreation site means an
area which has been improved or developed for recreation.

The following are prohibited:

(a) Occupying any portion of the site for other than recreation purposes.

*(b) Building, attending, maintaining, or using a fire outside of a fire
ring provided by the Forest Service for such purpose or outside of a stove,
grill or fireplace.*

(c) Cleaning or washing any personal property, fish, animal, or food, or
bathing or washing at a hydrant or water faucet not provided for that

(d) Discharging or igniting a firecracker, rocket or other firework, or

(e) Occupying between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. a place designated for day use

(f) Failing to remove all camping equipment or personal property when
vacating the area or site.

(g) Placing, maintaining, or using camping equipment except in a place
specifically designated or provided for such equipment.

(h) Without permission, failing to have at least one person occupy a
camping area during the first night after camping equipment has been set up.

(i) Leaving camping equipment unattended for more than 24 hours without

(j) Bringing in or possessing an animal, other than a service animal,
unless it is crated, caged, or upon a leash not longer than six feet, or
otherwise under physical restrictive control.

(k) Bringing in or possessing in a swimming area an animal, other than a
service animal.

(l) Bringing in or possessing a saddle, pack, or draft animal except as
authorized by posted instructions.

(m) Operating or parking a motor vehicle or trailer except in places
developed or designated for this purpose.

(n) Operating a bicycle, motorbike, or motorcycle on a trail unless
designated for this use.

(o) Operating a motorbike, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle for any
purpose other than entering or leaving the site.

(p) Depositing any body waste except into receptacles provided for that

[42 FR 2957, Jan. 14, 1977, as amended at 46 FR 33520, June 30, 1981; 49 FR
25450, June 21, 1984; 60 FR 45295, Aug. 30, 1995. Redesignated at 70 FR
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§261.5   Fire. Campfire means a fire, not within any building, mobile home
or living accommodation mounted on a motor vehicle, which is used for
cooking, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial, or esthetic purposes.
Fire includes

*Stove fire* means a campfire built inside an enclosed stove or grill, a
portable brazier, or a pressurized liquid or gas stove, including a
space-heating device.

The following are prohibited:

(a) Carelessly or negligently throwing or placing any ignited substance or
other substance that may cause a fire.

(b) Firing any tracer bullet or incendiary ammunition.

(c) Causing timber, trees, slash, brush or grass to burn except as
authorized by permit.

(d) Leaving a fire without completely extinguishing it.

*(e) Causing and failing to maintain control of a fire that is not a
prescribed fire that damages the National Forest System.*

*(f) Building, attending, maintaining, or using a campfire without removing
all flammable material from around the campfire adequate to prevent its

(g) Negligently failing to maintain control of a prescribed fire on
Non-National Forest System lands that damages the National Forest System.

[42 FR 2957, Jan. 14, 1977, as amended at 46 FR 33520, June 30, 1981; 73 FR
30307, May 27, 2008]


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