[pct-l] Stoves are now OK to use in parts of Angeles NF

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Sun Jan 14 15:18:45 CST 2018

Pardon my ignorance but the last time I heard a reference to jellied petroleum that meant napalm. What is this stuff?

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 Subject: Re: [pct-l] Stoves are now OK to use in parts of Angeles NF
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 > No, it says "Persons with a
 California Campfire Permit are *NOT* exempt..."
 Ya gotta read the whole thing.
 --- After the "NOT exempt..."  it says:
 "However persons with a
 valid Calfornia Campifre permit may use a
 portable lantern or stove using gas, jellied
 petroleum or pressurized
 IANAL, but it
 looks to me that while "stove fires" in general
 prohibited except in developed
 recreation sites, stoves "using gas,
 jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid
 fuel" are exempt from this
 order. In
 other words, most petroleum stoves are allowed
 There is not "shutoff
 valve"  requirement like in some other forests.
 I read this to mean that non
 petroleum based stoves, like alcohol, or
 wood are not allowed, except in developed
 recreation sites.
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