[pct-l] Current mosquito/smoke conditions in the Kings Canyon high country?

Mark mcw1139 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 12:36:20 CDT 2018

If you've been to  the Kings Canyon high country (above 10,000 ft. /3048 meters) anywhere between Dusy Basin and Whitney recently, could you tell me current mosquito/smoke conditions in the high country.
PLEASE refer to the handy dandy Mosquito metric (PROVIDED BELOW) because everyone's rating system is different.

The Mosquito metric.....
Assuming you we re in a place with little wind and had exposed skin areas and you were not using a mosquito repellent ...
When you would stop moving, how many mosquitoes would land on skin in the first minute?

100+  =  Extremely horrible
10-50 = Horrible
5-10  = Bad
2-5   =  Moderate
0-1   =  OK
0  = Wonderful

PLEASE also include where and when you were there.

- Thanks

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