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It's that time of year again. Time to register for the Fall Aldha-west Gathering. It's near Mt Hood 12th of Oct this year. Fun, tears,hiker connection and help planning next year's hike. Oh yes and presentation of the Triple Crowns 
Go to the ALDHA-west website

The second subject is less pleasant. Please do not apply for a completion certificate for any of the trails if you have not done them. That means a simple standard. It is a continuous footpath with reasonable alternatives. I'm on the AT right now. Early on in the hike there were many conversations among the hikers about how many 2017 PCT hikers had gotten their completion medal(evidenced by Facebook pictures) who,it was well known,had skipped (yellow blazed) sections of the trail. 
Yes, it was a horribly difficult year. There's a lot of sadness to be deal with when the year that you choose to hike has high snow and/or fire. That is part of what we do. 
Please do not send in an application for a Triple Crown if you are not finished with all of each of the 3 trails. 
Be proud of what you did do ,not lie about what you did not. No one has to do these trails. The Triple Crown means something. A continuous footpath. 

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