[pct-l] PCT medal and awards

Gary Schenk gary at hbfun.org
Fri Jun 22 20:09:00 CDT 2018

We'll get the PCT to issue a GPS ankle bracelet with each permit.

On Fri, June 22, 2018 12:01 pm, Brian Gill wrote:
>   Maybe I should apply for a award and plaque knowing I haven’t completed
> the trail.    Under the name. “ liar liar pants on fire”.   Lol.    I
> sincerely think there should be different degrees of awards.. section
> over a period of years, through hike skipping, total through hike every
> square inch, and Triple Crown every square inch...  I remember seeing a
> video of Yogi saying “. There’s no one out there that hasn’t skipped a
> section of the trail in a season”.   No offense to anyone, but if that’s
> true no one has ever completed the trail in a season.  Be nice if
> there’s a special award for those that have..  hey, I have an idea????
> We need a special PCT app that will monitor and verify.   Also have a
> question to the group... Why when I post something is the punctuation
> all Screwed up with  ????????  everywhere?

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