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Susan Virnig susanvirnig at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 10:56:55 CDT 2018

Let me piggyback on this request.  I’m planning to fill in some missing miles from Frog Mountain north to Drakesbad.  (Turned back a year ago June with dicey snow conditions — hadn’t brought microspikes.)  So I just overlap 5 miles with David’s hike (below), which I’ve already done.  Two main questions — first is how to most easily get up there, and second is current trail conditions.

Roads to the PCT — can a passenger car get up any of these and any guesses as to road (snow/mud) conditions mid-July?
1.  Road 26N74 is very close to Frog Mt. which would be great.
2.  26N02 appears to go right to the PCT & would require backtracking only 4 miles.
2.  With backtracking 5 miles, Humbug Road 27N01 goes up to Cold Springs Camp.
3.  With backtracking 12 miles, Humboldt Road goes up to Humboldt Summit.

I’m coming down from Spokane just to fill in this small gap — already hiked 1700 PCT miles — so I’d prefer less backtracking but I need to get up there however I can.  Also, does anyone know of a trail angel in that area that I could pay for a ride up one of these roads?

Second question is trail conditions — wouldn’t be coming until about July 20.  Any idea about trail conditions?

Thanks much for any help — so appreciate the PCT-L.

—Sunshine/Susan from Spokane

> On Jun 29, 2018, at 7:18 AM, David Hough reading PCT-L <pctl at oakapple.net> wrote:
> I was thinking of filling in a missing section from Quincy-LaPorte road
> to Humbug Summit, crossing the Middle Fork Feather River canyon in
> relatively cool weather next week.
> On the PCTA website,
> there are several old reports of problems of trees and brush and slippery
> tread, presumably resolved now, and a current report about Little Lasier
> camp which presumably should have been posted under section L instead of M.
> So does anybody have current information about adverse conditions 
> in the Feather River-Bucks Lake-Belden-Chips Creek-Humbug areas?
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