[pct-l] Favorite Hiking Music

Herb Stroh HStroh at sjmslaw.com
Tue May 1 12:41:47 CDT 2018

As to trail etiquette for those who do listen to music while hiking, please consider taking out an ear bud when you approach another hiker. This allows for the normal exchange of pleasantries between fellow travelers. 

I have been sectioning southbound and tend to run into 40+ thurs a day. When someone approaches with both ear buds in place it sends the message that "I don't want/need to talk to you and it will be a bother if you try." That may not be the case, but it certainly inhibits conversation. I really do appreciate when a hiker disengages from their music--even with one ear--which signals acknowledgment that another human being is approaching and that you are available for a friendly 'hello' or inquiry about upcoming water sources.


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