[pct-l] SOBO Ashland TO Walker Pass rather than NOBO

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Wed May 9 00:28:11 CDT 2018

The drop down to Seiad Valley around day 3 might be rough on your knee, 
but by and large going Southbound would probably give you fewer steep 
descents near the beginning of your hike than you'd get Northbound, 
hitting the Sierras almost immediately.


On 05/08/2018 11:24 AM, Stuart Smith wrote:
> I was going to start hiking north from Walker Pass (mile 652) to
> Ashland Oregon (mile 1718) on May 26th, but training 4 weeks ago had
> a bit of a knee injury and although I am mostly recovered am thinking
> that might not be a good place to start at that time of the year
> given snow levels, likelihood of postholing and higher level stream
> crossings. I am mulling as a safer option for my knee starting at
> Ashland at mile 1718 and going southbound thus theorically getting
> much less snow initially and lower snow conditions and stream levels
> in the Sierra when I exit at Walker Pass about July 16th?  Trying to
> remove some of the unpredictablity of snow travel on knees. It looks
> like there is very little snow Ashland to South Lake Tahoe other than
> the usual north facing slopes and it would take me 3 weeks minimum to
> reach South Laje Tahoe..
> Any thoughts on this plan?
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