[pct-l] Stehekin

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Thu May 17 12:25:52 CDT 2018

Sitting here in Wyoming.
Remembering the PCT in 2009.

I was in SoCal somewhere.
Stehekin seemed so far away.
Would I break an ankle and have to drag my leg all the way?
What is the Sierra going to be like?
If I hike 27 miles a day I can get to the next resupply a half day early
and eat lunch twice!

Then one day, I got to Stehekin.
It was a rainy morning and i was chafed.
An old bus was there.
Soon a group of hikers too.
We piled in together and then..
And then the BAKERY.
Stehekin was, is a magical place.
I read in Yogi's book how Scott Williamson had said it was his favorite.
Didn't know until i saw lake Chelan, that long narrow gorge of cold rock,
and those warm cinnamon rolls, it was mine too.
3 days.
3 more days and the end of the dream.
I remember Banshee and her tribe saying they were gonna slow down cause it
was coming too fast.
Spent a night with them on that last stretch bedded down in wild
Picking them with my teeth while laying in my bag.
Those North Cascades and the fading light of summer with it's long dark,
sky reflected blue shadows.


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