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It's a strange world sometimes....In 1965, i was a child in 6th grade...i remember the war news on TV at night....I didn't understand it all, but i still remember thinking that it was good to have a war now as there will be peace when i grow up..Didn't know that the conflict would last so long..I ended up volunteering in 1971 and served 3 tours of duties in South East Asia, Ton Son Nhut , Udorn and Korat..i was there during the last gasps of the war in 75 when Saigon fell, I participated in the recovery of the SS Mayaguez in May of 75 which was the last documented battle of the Vietnam War....


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To my hiking buddies,....those who served and those who know the "PAIN".

Like always, on Memorial Day, I was watching the movie "Taking Chance"
and it took me back to a time very long ago.
If  "Memorial Day"  means anything to you, you owe it to yourself to watch
the movie "Taking Chance".
It will rip your heart out, make you feel all mushy inside and make you
appreciate and respect the honor bestowed upon our fallen heroes on
Memorial Day.
It is by far the movie that best reflects what Memorial Day stands for.
I don't know what it is about Memorial Day that makes me feel this way
and makes me say the things I am about to say.......
We were  "just kids",  in the summer of 1965, when we landed in Vietnam.
//"Just kids", most of us 18-19-20 years old, just barely out of
not yet old enough to drink but old enough to die for our //country. /
/We never could quite understand that....if you are old enough to die //for
your country you should be old enough to drink. /
/With one year of advanced infantry training including jungle, desert,
weather, hand to hand combat and raider training we were gung ho //
Marines, tough enough to chew nails...I mean we were Captain //Tolleson's
Echo 2/7, the cream of the crop of the Marine Corps' //Raider Battalion and
ready to kick a$$. //
We were "just kids", eager to be Marines, eager to serve during a time //of
war, eager to be heroes. //
That naive fantasy thinking can change mighty quick when the landing //
crafts hit the beach and bullets start flying.
//There is no glory in war, only misery......it is your worst nightmare. //
Our first casualty was by friendly fire....the tragic part was that
//the bullet
that caused our first casualty was fired by the casualties //best friend.
//In combat, sometimes reflex decisions have to be made in a split second
and //sometimes those decisions turn out not to be the right ones.
//In my mind there is no greater honor than serving your country during
//a time
of war and no greater sacrifice than a soldier paying the //ultimate
price while
serving his country during a time of war.
//Take Pat Tillman for instance....Pat was a professional football
//player who
had fortune and fame yet walked away from a 3.6 million //dollar
contract to
serve his country and paid the ultimate //price...ironically, also by
friendly fire.
//But it does not matter, friendly fire, enemy fire, the results are
//always the
same and Memorial Day is to honor all of our fallen heroes,//for they
their country and paid the ultimate price. //
If it were not for men like that, Obama might be our Prime Minister or
national language might be German and Memorial Day is to remind us //of
that and pay our respect to these fallen heroes who sacrificed //their lives
so that we can enjoy what we have today.

//We did not consider ourselves to be "just kids",...but now that I am
older //and
wiser I realize, we WERE "just kids".

//Nothing has really changed and many of our troops serving in Iraq and
are still "just kids"....not yet old enough to drink, //but old enough
to die for their country. /
/Think about that for a moment, on Memorial Day, and what that day
//stands for. /

/Reinhold Metzger
//Sgt. USMC 1964-68
//Gunner, Echo Co., 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines



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