[pct-l] Overseas plan to thru-hike

Adrian Yardley adrianyardley at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 15:51:23 CDT 2018

Circumstances got in the way from attempting thru-hike of the PCT until

I bought Yogi's guide & Half Mile maps in 2013 - might these be OK for
2019? I confess to feeling rather overwhelmed by the volume of Yogi's
advice, and hoping practical knowledge can be picked up along the way, from
other hikers, from water reports, from town guides (Yogi)...

I'm aged 62, all bits still working. For the last 10 years have used Ray
Jardine kit (including tarp, wild-camping) thru-hiking national trails in
Britain & Europe. Probably need to make/buy a new backpack large enough to
take a bear canister. Any recommendations please.

Please advise on bear canister hire, and where.

I'm planning on 20 mile average, based on my experience. I've walked up to
30 miles daily over flattish ground, long days.

Is it basically OK to (vegetarian) supply along the route, excepting
sending forward selectively (and which sections especially to send
forward?).  Are supplies improving along the trail, as numbers of hikers
have increased?

I'd like to use a GPS, perhaps with solar charging, as cannot see how
batteries would work on PCT. Any tips on what kit to buy please. I've only
used GPS on a smartphone along some of the Lycian Way.

I plan to study 'self arrest' clips on YouTube and bring a lightweight snow

Mainly I wear running shoes, so would post ahead boots and ice axe and
crampons. Which sections would need boots rather than running shoes?

When I read about heavy snow and detours for fire, it concerns me if (as a
foreigner to the US) I'm being too ambitious. I hope that (with GPS) can
keep to the trail and will be overtaken by helpful hikers!

Thanks for keeping this bulletin going.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
I've kept bulletins from 2013 when I was last researching pct.


On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 9:41 PM Adrian Yardley <adrianyardley at gmail.com>

> Thanks for your help Steeleye, Bill, Matt, Scott, Scott, Douglas, David,
> and groudpounderbill:
> so:
> Yogi's book + Half Miles maps + water report
> Use postal service selectively
> best wishes
> Adrian

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