[pct-l] Hwy 10 to Wrightwood

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 12:41:10 CST 2018

Hey Rick,

I'd check in with the PCTA and Forest Service in Idyllwild before shipping
them as far as Whitewood in mid March.  Every year is different of course,
but on San Jacinto in 2010, I'd have given my eye teeth for the Katoolas I
later used all across the Sierra.  The experience on San Jacinto is the
reason several of us bought Katoolas for the Sierra.

We hit San Jacinto in late April that year and due to a recent airlift off
Apache Peak, the SAR guys all but begged us to jump forward and come back
to Idyllwild after it had melted out a bit more, as the rescues were
putting them in danger too.  Thirteen of us jumped forward to the
Saufley's, thank you Donna and Jeff for opening early to accommodate us,
and hiked from Agua Dulce to Walker Pass and then returned to Idyllwild
several weeks later only to find that the conditions had not improved very
much.  In typical thru hiker fashion, we went in anyway and found the most
difficult ice sections of the entire PCT that year, both on Apache Peak and
Fuller Ridge.  I had a pair of YakTraks, which were better than nothing,
but one soon tore on a bit of ice hidden chaparral and I limped along with
only one over Fuller Ridge.  It was doable, but dangerous, and Katoolas
would have made all the difference. Even Microspikes would have been good,
but like the Yak Traks, could have been prone to tear on hidden junk.
Katoolas were the ticket later on, and got my vote for best piece of gear I
used that year.

Sounds like you've got the right gear for an icy San Jacinto passage, so
hang onto them until close to departure and then decide where to ship them
to.  Mt. Laguna will probably be a piece of cake, but don't underestimate
San Jacinto.

Have a great hike!


On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 12:45 PM Rick Parker <rickrparker at icloud.com> wrote:

> I will be going thru mile 208 around March 25th.  What are the collective
> thoughts on snow thru the San Gorgornio Wilderness and the North side of
> Big  Bear?  I see the weather averages can be cold into the mid to high
> 20*s. But does this part of the trail typically hold challenging snow/ice?
> Of course I’ll see it coming, just thinking about shipping Kathoolas ahead
> to Wrightwood?  Not concerned (at this point anyway) about Mt Laguna or San
> Jacinto.
> Thanks.
> Rick
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