[pct-l] It's been a while...

Charles Tibbits nedtibbits at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 07:21:23 CST 2018

What exciting, fun, or infuriating topics have I missed in the last 3 months?

Since I was deployed by FEMA to Puerto Rico in early August, I’ve lost contact with all my friends on the pct-l and their concerns because I’ve been too busy here investigating hurricane damages and doing lots of report writing in an effort to bring federal aid to the cities, counties, and people of this ravaged island. Disaster recovery of this magnitude takes a long time!

We’ve, also, put a “Hold” on offering wilderness safety courses at Mountain Education until all the current U.S. disaster needs are met, which may be a while, the way things are going! Nevertheless, I try to stay current, though often as much as a week behind on posts, with what’s talked about on the PCT and CDT Facebook pages, and am always interested in helping people discover the profound human benefit of wilderness life and travel through answering questions and joining in on threads.

So, I look forward to hearing from all of you, again, in the coming months!

(Yes, life in the tropics is nice and the people are wonderful, but when you’re a mountain person, especially one who loves snow, seasons, and winter, even this can be rough!)

Ned Tibbits
Mountain Education, Inc.

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