[pct-l] Section Hiking between California Highway 58 and Jawbone Canyon Road

Ron Graybill rgraybill44 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 15:39:54 CDT 2018

My next goal is to hike the 36 miles between Mile 566 and 602. Ok, you say,
simple.  Get dropped off at Jawbone Canyon Road and the PCT and hike SB for
three days, 12 miles per day (kind of my limit at age 74).  Yes, but that's
also two nights on the trail, and no water till at least Golden Oaks Spring
(20 miles south of Jawbone Canyon Road) and that was running slow on 10/18.
Hopefully only because of sediment in the line. But what if it's dry?

Does anyone want to go with me? We could park one car at Highway 58
(Cameron Road Exit) where it would be up and out of sight of the highway,
then drive the other car up Jawbone Canyon Road to the PCT.  I know, I
know, then there will be the tedious drive back up Jawbone Canyon Road
(mostly dirt road, but fairly well maintained, possible in a two wheel
drive sedan, but I have a AWD SUV) at the end to retrieve the car we left

Ron "Slow Charger" Graybill
Ontario, CA

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