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Wed Jan 2 13:56:09 CST 2019

Reinhold wrote: The List needs Switchback's trail humor and wisdom to restore it to it's past old glory and make 
 it, once again, the interesting and entertaining source for trail information for the PCT.   Switchback replies: I appreciate the kind words, but I am the old and the new folks have their time now.  I will admit that I see folks still being influenced by marketing when it comes to gear, etc.  I do not know if it is correct, but I can tell in 10 seconds if a hiker is really a pro.  It is by what they are or are not wearing, including their backpack.  In other words how they are dressed out for the trail.  Even if it is a flip-flop hiker of the PCT.  I think to myself, "Gee, they could have done this better."  Strictly my opinion and nothing more from an old guy.
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