[pct-l] List dead!!!

Sabrina Harrison troopharrison at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 08:20:59 CST 2019

I can’t remember how I first learned about the list - maybe the blog Halfway Anywhere. 

I don’t mind asking lots of questions, so I put myself out there. I was eager to learn anything I could about hiking, and the unfolding awareness of trail culture was like finding Narnia. Those first few months were dreamy. :D

Back then there was a lot of ambient conversation. Kind of like a group email version of hikers sitting outside Mount Laguna Store. It was fun to follow along. 

Not sure why there’s less traffic but it seems like several cool pieces of hiker trash are still listening and willing to weigh in! 

Lord willing, I am planning to do a section of the Sierra next year - just got my bear can in! 

Hey I do have a question for those whom I haven’t lost. 

My favorite piece of gear is my Patagonia nano puff. Absolutely love that thing. Super warm. We camped on San Jac last year overlooking the Coachella Valley. Just about froze my butt off. I had on all of my layers and was extremely uncomfortable all night. So I know that I could use a slightly heavier coat for situations like that, still light weight as possible. Does anyone have a recommendation? I’ve heard trusted hikers recommend Mont Bell UL jackets. Thoughts?


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>> I am in the same situation as Roadwalker.  For some reason, I also don’t receive all the posts, but often get the replies to posts I have not received.  Usually I can figure out the thread of the conversation.
> you can always read anything you missed at the archives. The link is
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