[pct-l] Severe restrictions on hiking portions of the PCT in Oregon coming

JimLBanks at verizon.net JimLBanks at verizon.net
Fri Jan 4 12:10:53 CST 2019

A heads up to everyone.  The Forest Service is going to impose severe
restrictions on the number of hikers allowed in the Three Sisters, Mt.
Washington, and Mt. Jefferson wilderness areas starting in 2020.  Also they
are going to severely restrict the trailheads you can start from.  The new
rules are too extensive for me to set out here, but you can read all about
it at pctoregon.com

Go to the PCT news section on the website  and then "New Access Limits
Coming to Oregon PCT in 2020."


Interestingly, it will not apply for holders of a PCT thru-hike permit
(except for some restrictions on camping spots), but it will have a severe
effect on section and day hikers.  Once again section hikers get the shaft.


You can posts comments on the website and they will pass them on to the
Forest Service.



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