[pct-l] water water, water everywhere (almost) Fred Canyon- yippee!

Paint YW paintyourwagonhikes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 01:26:08 CDT 2019

After reading several active journals of people currently out on the trail,
I was delighted to learn that there is water in Hauser Creek, and-  Fred
Canyon. For those that know these areas, water has been absent for a very
long time, and this is indeed good news.

Nothing says the water will be running over the entire season, but it is a
good sign.


 A2 15.4 WRCS015 Hauser Creek [early spring only]

3/24/19 @ 8:00AM (Sunrise) : Flowing beautifully.
3/23/19 (Grace) : Flowing.
3/23/19 (Smalls) : Good flow.
3/18/19 (Shivers) : Flowing well.
3/16/19 (Bane) : Flowing well.
3/7/19 (Six2) : Plenty of water in the creek with recent rain.
3/5/19 (Deb & Rick) : Great flow! 2 liters in 3 seconds!

A4 32 WRCS032 Fred Canyon [usually dry]

3/26/19 (Sunrise) : Running well.
3/19/19 (Shivers) : Flowing.
3/8/19 (Six2) : Fred Canyon has a steady running stream with recent rain,
but will probably dry out once it warms up.
3/8/19 (Paco) : Plenty of water flow.

Get out there!


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