[pct-l] south from Tehachapi

Gary Schenk gary at hbfun.org
Fri Mar 29 10:41:31 CDT 2019

Good morning, Sunshine.

On Mon, March 25, 2019 9:46 am, Susan Virnig wrote:
> 1.  Best way to get to Tehachapi — which airport or which Amtrak station
> or which bus, since I’m coming from Spokane, WA?

There's a bus that will drop you of at the PCT. Google Kern County transit.
> 2.  How can I find out current snow levels in Section E?  I don’t mind
> some snow, but don’t want a lot of postholing or the need for crampons and
> an ice axe, tho I do have micro spikes.   In Section D, Highway 2 is under
> snow, which means the PCT is under snow.  Does anyone know when it might
> be open?  (Tried Angeles NF and CalTrans, but couldn’t even get a guess.)

I wouldn't worry about snow in section E. Hwy 2 will probably open in May,
maybe late April It's getting warm now.

> 4. The High Desert Trail Alternate seems to be a lower alternative to
> being up on the slopes of Mt. Baden-Powell, from S. Fork Campground to
> Vincent Gap, but I can’t find going southbound where to leave the PCT to
> get down to S. Fork or how to get back up to Vincent Gap.  Anybody know?

There's a trail from Islip Saddle that goes down to South Fork. It'll be
snowy right now, and it's north facing. As of now, you'll be on snow long
before you get to Islip.

> 5. Do I need to worry about bugs, with all this melting snow?


> 6.  Right now temperatures in Tehachapi and Agua Dulce are ranging from
> the 30s to the 60s.  In April it will warm up, but will a sun umbrella be
> worth carrying?

Depends on you. Not for me.

> 7.  What are all the thru hikers doing with this incredible snow pack,
> especially those with permits to start in March (Mt. Laguna, San Jacinto,
> etc.)?

Probably bailing out.


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