[pct-l] Oregon section B

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Sun May 26 09:00:19 CDT 2019

Dayhiked from Hyatt Lake to Keno Access Road yesterday, under sunny skies
then gathering clouds, and a deluge started about 7pm.    Showers today.

The trail is in mostly good condition, no snow, no brush, all the natural
water is running, but the Hyatt Lake trail faucet is still turned off.
Mostly there were 1-2 logs per mile of standard 18-24" easily bypassed.

But there was a stretch from Eve Springs Rd to Howard Prairie Canal, and then
again up to Keno Access Rd, where trees were bigger up to 30", more numerous,
and interlocked.    Mild slopes made it possible to get stock around these,
but I can't imagine most equestrians would enjoy it.

Ashland does have Caldera Brewery, which is wonderful but inconvenient for
hikers without cars.    It's next to a bunch of hotels, but not close to
the trail like Callahan's nor close to downtown.    It's a great brewpub.

But OR section B is a good bet right now, though there's nothing but trouble
on either side of it - Mt McLoughlin and Mt Ashland show how much snow remains
in either direction.

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