[pct-l] OR B - half a day of winter wonderland

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Mon May 27 07:49:47 CDT 2019

Even the Weather Bureau was surprised by snow down to 3500' on May 26.
At 4500-5000' there was about three inches accumulated, fairly uniform because
there was no wind.     It was quite a winter wonderland at Green Springs Summit
at first but then the phlumphing started especially when the sun peeked out.
By 2pm most of the snow had phlumped off.    Snow on the trail isn't so bad,
mud is worse, uphill slush is worse than that, and downhill slush is worst
of all.

Between Soda Mountain Road and Hyatt Lake, the trail is mostly in pretty 
good shape.     There was one small but awkwardly placed tree that might
have been aggravating for stock between Soda Mountain Road and the Hobart Bluff
side trail.     There were quite a few aggravations on the stretch of trail
that circumnavigates Green Springs Mountain.    Determined equestrians might
be able to get through but wouldn't enjoy it.   Mostly 18-24" with a couple
up to 30".

Did pass one guy heading southbound carrying snowshoes and a pretty large
pack.     He didn't seem to mind the weather.

By the end of the day the snow was mostly gone, and section B was back to
being a tolerable alternative to almost everything south to Kennedy Meadows.
But more showers and thunderstorms are expected today, then better 
conditions tomorrow.

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