[pct-l] OR B - Pilot Rock

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Tue May 28 07:56:59 CDT 2019

On May 27 I walked from I-5 to Soda Mountain Road, starting in dense fog
and ending as the predicted showers began.    In between there were some
sunny breaks to illuminate distant Black Butte but not Shasta next to it,
which remained veiled in clouds the whole day.    Pilot Rock itself only
revealed after lunch and was gone again when the showers resumed.

There was a little snow left on the trail above 5000', and even some 
in sheltered patches down near I-5.    Mud was more of an issue.
The usual number of trees were down, one or two per mile.    There was
one that might be problematic for stock, only about 24", but off the ground
at an angle on a fairly steep slope.

I was passed by one guy with the through-hiker look but he was in a 
through-hiker hurry so I didn't ask how far he was going.    I encountered
no old snow from I-5 to Keno Access Road on this trip, but I could see
plenty behind on Mt Ashland and ahead on Mt Mcloughlin.

Missed dinner at Mt Shasta Brewing in Legal Weed; their kitchen closed at
7pm.    Dined at Hi-Lo instead, where they have some Mt Shasta in bottles.

Weather's supposed to be good starting today, but I have to go home.

Forgot to mention above: the problem tree is on the north slope of Pilot
Rock, maybe half a mile beyond the Pilot Rock Trail junction.

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