[pct-l] Trevor’s Eternal Trail

Jeffrey Olson jjolson58 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 20:01:20 CDT 2020

I want to  honor the young man who slipped off the snowy PCT trail and 

I cried reading his Dad's story - the structure - his love for his son, 
his own vulnerability, and self-awareness.  How hard it is to let a 
child make choices that are developmentally normal.  The father lets 
go.  The son continues to follow his own light.

The father's story of his Son's dying so honors how he saw his son as a 
person.  In this really cynical world this man "grokked" his 
responsibility to raise a human being, a young man, a person, a good man...

He was successful.  His love is so here...


n 4/12/2020 6:22 PM, Jennifer Hanigan wrote:
> Thank you for sharing this. I can’t imagine the family’s grief.
> ~ Jennifer Johnson
>> On Apr 12,

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