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Wed Apr 15 15:21:51 CDT 2020

To those who went home. Thank you for being aware and caring enough to make that choice for all of the reasons of which we are certainly  aware. It was never about you. It was about the harm you could do to others. 
Remember the traditional start days for the Sierra used to be June 13-15. That’s a long way away. The backcountry could open up again. Then it would be a flip flop back to Kennedy Meadows or Walker Pass or 58 and head south. In that way you would not have to be concerned about getting through the Sierra on a southbound thru. Or you could start later from South Lake Tahoe or Hwy 80. There are so many possibilities. Of course the obvious one being a s-bound thru starting in July. 
Part of the challenge of a long hike is something terrible happening and figuring out how to handle it. High Snow, injury, fire closings—these and more have all been thrown at all of us. Sometimes all in the same year. The first day of my southbound AT hike I fell on Katadin and broke 6 ribs. Separate from the physical pain ,I know what means to have that emotional ache in your insides when you have to go home. That level of pain is hard to absorb. 
It’s a wrenching loss. 
I hope that all of you can get back out there I know that it’s not going to happen. 
It takes so much to make that commitment. This takes the strength right out of you to be forced to stop. You had it once. You can find it again
All the best. I’ll see you on some trail some day

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