[pct-l] Logistics for a reopened trail

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Wed Apr 15 17:14:23 CDT 2020

The PCT trail crews just received notification today that all trail
maintenance is now cancelled until at least June 1st.  I know that with all
the recent rains in Southern California we have lots trail maintenance that
needs to be done that is stacking up.  Once they let us back out, it will
take several months or more to get the trail into decent shape again.


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Hello, fine folks,

First, thanks for the humor and decency that this list has maintained for
years.  I'm not on Facebook, and happy to avoid the garbage.

A reopened trail would still be a very interesting thing.  It's hard to see
hundreds and hundreds of hikers having put their life on hold awaiting such
good news that may never come, to then enter the trail where they can.
Then, consider the logistics.  The trail would present itself as perhaps it
was 20+ years ago - certainly a joy and challenge for the experienced, but a
danger to the rest.  No hiker havens, little in the nature of continuous
trail reports, unreliable caches, and trail conditions (think washouts,
bridges, and blowdowns) basically unaddressed by normal trail crews.

Very popular spots may not be available at all, such as both KMs, VVR,
Mazama village, and so on.  They might not even open this year.  Having
spent many, many days over the last 9 years at Sonora Pass and Ebbetts Pass,
I can imagine hours passing between cars, much less those willing to take a
hiker onboard.

On the plus side, there are uncounted stories of willing folks out there
helping hikers this year, despite current affairs.  Wow.


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