[pct-l] First Quiz

Mike Cunningham hikermiker at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 22 17:56:22 CDT 2020

 Yay, Welcome back. Of course I dunno. I have only been using hiking poles for 20 years. I defer to your vast knowledge.

     On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 02:12:14 PM EDT, <hiker97 at aol.com> wrote:  
 Hiker Mike wrote: We need your Super Secrets and your fizzy pink slippers.Switchback the Trail Pirate replies: I have been thinking of starting a weekly quiz on this list.  Just to see how many people really know about backpacking.  I think one of the prizes for correct answers would be me signing their backpack, when we meet on the PCT.  This would make their pack very valuable and a collector's item.  Okay, here is a first question for all you hardcore backpackers.  This question is in two parts:  First, what is the easiest and correct way to pick-up and hold a hiking pole for use on the trail?  Second, what is the most important pole part for using a hiking pole correctly and why?  Now, this question refers to a regular hiking or trekking pole and not a super light-weight hiking-balancing pole with a keeper hand cord.  I am always, your humble and obedient servant, etc., etc., etc. --- Sir Switchback of the Trail Pirate  

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