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Just to add to the info out there, and to support the list of small towns who have asked the hikers( and other out of towners) to stay home. A nursing home in LA county was able to get ahold of enough tests to check all their staff and residents. 75% of residents and 90% of the staff tested positive. Very few of these people showed symptoms. You cannot know if you have the virus and are passing it on unless you are tested. I’m guessing that none of the current hikers on any of the trails have been tested.
They are clearly —from their online blogs and blogs) not practicing social distancing. Not carrying two weeks of food as they claimed to be their plan. They ride in cars with no masks. They stand next to people in hotels and hostels with no masks. They just seem to not care or are missing the ability to understand the impact they could have. I have stopped looking at any current hikers online posts.  You still have plenty of time to start a sobo hike or a flip/flop. Don’t kill someone’s granny or baby because you can’t handle the emotional pain of putting your hike off until later. It’s sad that’s all. It’s not dead or causing death. This crisis will end.

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