[pct-l] How to get to Kennedy Meadows South.

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The train gets you to Lancaster. That's from Union Station. Then it is a bus up the 395. Eastern Sierra Transit(?)At the road into Kennedy Meadows it would have to be a hitch, I am assuming. But if the backcountry opens up there will be people driving that road into the area. Maybe call the outfitters (Yogi and Worldwide’s store-at Kennedy Meadows)to see if they know if someone who shuttles. 
That same bus will take you to Lone Pine or Independence. Once again, if Calif is safe, there will be people driving in on both those roads. The hike into the trail from the campground (22 mile hitch from Lone Pine)to Cottonwood pass is about 4 1/2 miles. From Onion Valley (hitch from Independence) it’s 7 miles to trail. Both are a bit steep. But from Onion Valley it’s well graded. 
Another choice would be to take the same bus all the way to Mammoth. Another local bus to Red’s Meadow and about 1/4 mile hike to the trail
I would not suggest the trail up from Bishop just because it’s often in bad shape and this year there’s been no maintenance. 
Another thought is to go to Ridgecrest(same bus) then take a different small bus through the pass on 178(Walker Pass)They will drop you off at the trail. I have also hitched on that road. At that point you have around 2-3 days hike( can’t remember the miles)into Kennedy Meadows South. 
I’m guessing that the trail will open by then. Thank you for staying off trail until you would not do harm. 

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> On Apr 25, 2020, at 2:19 PM, Nathan Dreon <ndreon at yahoo.com> wrote:
> My thru hike was supposed to start earlier this month, it didn't work out.
> Assuming it is reasonable to do so I would like to start my section hikeof the PCT in mid July at Kennedy Meadows South.  
> Can someone tell me how I might arrange to get to KMS from LAX?The difficult part will be the last 20 miles, I think the rest can be done on a bus.
> If it is too hard could someone recommend a starting point not to far to thenorth of KMS that would be easier to get to?
> Thanks.
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