[pct-l] How to get to Kennedy Meadows South.

gary at hbfun.org gary at hbfun.org
Sun Apr 26 13:09:16 CDT 2020

 You can get a bus from LAX to Bakersfield, there are a few options.
Then Kern County Transit will drop you off at Walker Pass. Bus 227.
 It's just a couple of days to KM from there. Could be smoking hot in
July, though. It is a nice stretch, IMHO.
 A nice short side trip through there is up Mt. Jenkins, named after
one of the authors of the first editions of the Wilderness Press
guidebooks. Gives you good views of what's ahead.
 On Sat 25/04/20  5:18 PM , Nathan Dreon ndreon at yahoo.com sent:
 My thru hike was supposed to start earlier this month, it didn't work
 Assuming it is reasonable to do so I would like to start my section
hikeof the PCT in mid July at Kennedy Meadows South.  
 Can someone tell me how I might arrange to get to KMS from LAX?The
difficult part will be the last 20 miles, I think the rest can be done
on a bus.
 If it is too hard could someone recommend a starting point not to far
to thenorth of KMS that would be easier to get to?

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