[at-l] Hiking the AT using a car

Art Cloutman Art at crystalacresnh.com
Mon Jun 9 07:06:09 CDT 2008

I recall a hiker using two cars to do a thru hike.  He needed 
assistance to begin his hike but after that his plan should have 
worked.  It goes something like this.   Park one car at a southern 
starting point near the trail.  Drive north for to a point that would 
provide one days worth of hiking southbound back to the first car. 
Hike back to the first car and use it to find accommodations for the 
evening.  Next day drive north past the second car to a point one 
days worth hiking to the north.  Continue this process until you have 
completed your hike.  Now you will need help in driving the two cars 
away from the end point.  Actually,  you might be able to handle the 
whole thing with one hiker/driver if you could use an a-frame tow 
hitch.  Then you would be able to tow one of the cars with the other. 
So my recommendation would be to purchase a cheap used car as your 
second vehicle.


>I'm  looking for any information on how to assist a hike on the AT 
>using a car.  I don't mean car hiking.  I mean slackpacking without 
>a support team, just myself.  Is it possible?  I need to start out 
>really, really slow because of my knees and a weight issue that is a 
>concern but not a crisis.    Any ideas, articles, books, guides, 
>leads, experiences would be helpful.  Once I get my stamina back, I 
>may loose the car.
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