[at-l] Reporting on the trip.... Just Day One.

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Mon Dec 7 14:05:46 CST 2009

Kent Gardam wrote:
> Huh, had I known you were passing this way (unlike Brett Favor who has 
> been passing that way this year) I coulda offered the bed with shower 
> attached that eArThworm didn't get to sleep in either in Toledo.  
> Seems she made the mistake of coming through Toledo at the same time 
> that we were in Chicago this summer and so missed out on our guest 
> room.  You, Felix, you just didn't even bother to ask.  Oh well, not 
> sure how I would advertise a bed that both eArThworm and Felix had 
> slept in anyway.  And I'm not sure how the bed got a shower attached 
> either.
> --- On *Sun, 12/6/09, Felix J /<AThiker at smithville.net>/* wrote:
>     Somewhere in NW Ohio I stopped and slept in a
>     Walmart parking lot (on a mattress in the bed of my truck).

That shoulda been 'NE Ohio'....not NW.   Sorry for the contusion. 
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