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I t'ink we've been "told," as the young 'uns say...

I came about my active in a different way. At 36m after having had 2
strokes, my doctor told me "fit or dead. Your choice". That was the
short version, of course. Now i have the heartrate, bp, cholesterol,
etc. of a young 'un. For years, i forgot about the thin part, but
that's happening now too. I wanna be like Many Sleeps or Nimblewill
Nomad. Bony old guys that just forgot to stop. Going via a slip off of
a cliff and being recycled as bear food are my goals. Somewhere in my
90s, while my brain is still young, ought to be a good time.

The strokes took things, like memory and the ability to write
correctly. They gave me a longer, fitter, healthier, happier life.

So there!

On 12/9/09, bluetrail at aol.com <bluetrail at aol.com> wrote:
> I can confirm that Rachel and Lou are NOT your average 70-year-olds.  Every
> winter they lead a series of winter day hikes that average about 10-12
> miles/day.  They outwork 40-year-olds on work hikes.  They lead and organize
> both hikes and trailwork.  They spend every summer on the road in a motor
> home, often in Alaska, fishing.  For her 60th birthday, Rachel did 60 laps
> across Wekiva spings (about the length of an Olympic pool), canoed 60 miles
> (not in one day), backpacked 60 miles (not in one day), and biked 60 miles.
> She did somewhat less on her 70th.   In the last few years they re-traced
> the route of Lewis & Clark, canoeing the route when possible.  She had a
> doctorate in physical education and her lifelong mission has been to prove
> that keeping physically active keeps you healthy, limber, and more fit than
> those who are not physically active.  She had both knees replaced about 2
> years ago and is back to leading those day hikes.
> Joan
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> That sounds more like a 70 year old sighted by a wolf.
> Black Wolfe
> Bruce W.
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>> You should probably hope for a little more than half. A wolf sighting
>> by a slow 70-year-old lady would likely lead to the rangers finding a
>> cane and a half-gnawed shoe.
>> > On 12/7/09, bluetrail at aol.com <bluetrail at aol.com> wrote:
>>> I'm so jealous! I just hope I can be half as active in my 70's!
>>> Joan
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