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So are you going to buy the clock? The German is pretty crappy, it looks like it was written in English and somebody used BabbleFish to translate it into German. Of course it could be Dutch, but the spelling is German. It has been too many years since I have last translated German (It is an acquired skill that I have lost). 
Since I have mad a reference to the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Universe the answer to all questions is 42. 


Grey Owl 

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I just got spammed by a guy named Felix. The problem is, as sometimes 
happens, I have no ide what he was saying. I hope this isn't one of 
those "off-list" things I get into trouble for posting every now and 

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Bekommen Sie endlich dass, was Sie verdienen. Bekommen Sie alles hier 
und jetzt, die Bestellung kommt sofort raus und wird geliefert. Beste 
Uhren, aber ganz billig. Diese Uhren werden Sie wirklich begeistern, 
dass kann man Ihnen 
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