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I agree re: WFA.  I had a number of times on the trail that I was very glad I 
had taken WFA.

FWIIW most were helping other people.  However, one time, I when I broke my 
leg while solo, I likely would not have made it had I not had the training I 
got in the USMC & at WFA.  If, you don't have any such training, or your 
training is limited to the standard RC "Call 911 & only do...." training, I 
strongly recommend WFA, for all hikers, and especially long distant hikers.

And at one time if you join a maintaining club, the Club and/or ATC helped 
offset most of the cost.  Given my medical conditions, I'm not current.  But 
you might check into it whether they still do.


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I'm pretty sure she meant Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training.  While
WFR is a great idea, it's a huge commitment, taking about 80 hours.  It's
also prohibitively expensive for many hikers at about $400.  (According tot
he SOLO web site.)

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training, taking only 2 days, is a course most
hikers who spend a lot of time in the backcountry could find time and
resources to take.  It costs about $85.

I recommend WFA training.  It goes well beyond what is taught in urban First
Aid classes.  Rather than the golden hour, you're taught to deal with the
golden day, the longer timer period necessary for evacuation from the
backcountry.  And it doesn't start with the recommendation in emergencies to
yell "call 911."  Hmm, or at least, it didn't 11+ years ago when I took the

Though my training was a long time ago and I haven't be recertified at all,
I do review my WFA materials from time to time and the training has come in
useful a surprising number of times.

Stitches, AT99

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>  On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 8:41 PM, kinnickinichere wrote:
> > To me it reinforces my belief that we need to have
> > woofer training and, if possible, a partner out there.
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> I have not heard the term "woofer training" before.  Can you elaborate?
> Black Wolfe
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