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Looking back, you can justify any course of action. It's hard to decide what to do in real time on the trail and have no regrets later (whether a person stayed on the trail or left). You got off the trail. I stayed on the trail and finished. Looking back, I can say I stuck to it, through lots of pain & injuries. I didn't give up, I made it to Katahdin. That was one of the highest "highs" of my life. But.... I could also have made a case for stopping. Taking 16 Advil a day for 5 months for knee pain was stupid. Hiking 2000+ miles on an injured knee, permanently damaged it. Sometimes I look back and regret finishing....  There are many things that force people off the trail (or keep them on). They make their decisions, and since we are not walking in their shoes, who are we to judge? Happy Trails!

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