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I have relied on Mozilla Firefox for 4 years, and find it small, stable, non-interfering with anything I care to do. AND it matches well with the FREE "OpenOffice" Java-based software suite. AND since my trading interface is also Java based, then the two marry well.  


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I use Firefox on my PC and like it. One of my IT buddies is using Google Chrome and gives it a good review. Likes it better than Firefox.

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I haven't use Internet explorer in years, and recently I have been forced to do 
Two email addresses in gmail, and I can't open both in Firefox. So I do 
one in Firefox, one in Explorer.

Have I mentioned how much I loathe Explorer? 

It locks up every time I go to copy and paste something. GEEZ!

anyone have a Firefox alternative they like? 
So I can take IE out in the 
backyard and shoot it and bury it and drive a stake through it's evil little 

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