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Mon Apr 26 00:14:50 CDT 2010

Those who care know that we started the AT at Springer Mt on March 1 intending to hike for 6 weeks.  And you probably know that we left the AT (and the ice and snow) on March 11 and went looking for someplace “green and warm”.  We found it – in Florida.  Spring became summer in a very short time.
We spent about 5 weeks hiking, sightseeing and visiting friends in Oviedo, Ocala and Tampa.  We went to Key West and decided it was too busy for us, then spent some time in the Everglades and loved it even though there wasn’t a single mountain in sight – just lots of birds, alligators, mosquitoes and swamp.  Got to hike part of the Florida Trail and a whole lot of State Park trails.  Did a little canoeing, a lot of bird watching (and some alligator and croc watching, too), a little petroglyph chasing – and there wasn’t a single snowflake while we were there.  It was all good.  
But all good things come to an end eventually, and we had another and even better commitment – to get to a wedding.  Which is what we did this weekend.  Beau (Bleeder Guy) and Ninon were married on Saturday in Monticello, NY.   A fine time was had by all, and they (along with the rest of their furry pack) are happily honeymooning at a campground on Cape Cod.
So….now what?  Well, we just got back to Maryland and we have about 30 hours to pack up and be at the airport for a flight to San Diego on Tuesday morning.  Yeah – we’re going back to the PCT again.  We did the “What do we really want to do this summer?”  thing a couple weeks ago, and that’s what floated to the top of the list.  The fact that it's snowing in the desert where we plan to start this week is a little worrisome, especially after all the snow we ran into on the AT and the snowpack still covering the Sierras.  It's likely to be an interesting year to hike – but at least there should be water and it will likely be a nice spring for desert flowers.
Y'all have a good week, 
Jim & Ginny

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