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LOL - yeah, it doesn't pay for routine cleanings but it doesn't take much
more expensive routines to pay off...

Crown here in the states costs $1400 - insurance pays 50% - $700 out of

Crown in Thailand costs $300 - insurance pays 40% for out-of-network dentist
- $180 out of pocket.

Difference - $520.

Round trip airfare - $1500 (maybe less)  if you plan far enough in advance
and have flexibility.  Three crowns and the trip pays for itself.  Plus,
Thailand is a cheap place to have a vacation.

I met a bunch of medical/dental tourists while there who were taking
advantage of the situation.

FWIW, the medical and dental care there is as good or better than what you
get here.  Many of the doctors and dentists are trained here and then go
home.  The dental clinic I went to there had much more up to date technology
in the office than my independent dentist does here and they are a large
enough facility (seven stories solely devoted to dentistry) to do all lab
work in house so my crown only took a few days rather than the three weeks
it might otherwise take here in the the US.

The hospital I visited for a shoulder problem was similarly modern and would
have fit in quite well here in Boston except that it was newer and run more
efficiently.  LOL

No language barriers in either place. English is widely spoken in Thailand.

Of course, insurance varies from place to place so do your own homework...

Stitches, AT99

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On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 8:41 AM, Kent Gardam <kent_gardam at yahoo.com> wrote:

> eArThworm,
> While using Mara's dentist may reduce the professional fees, be careful
> about those commuting fees to Thailand from Florida.  Might not pay off for
> routine cleanings!
> Kent
> --- On *Wed, 7/28/10, Mara Factor <mfactor at gmail.com>* wrote:
> As for the dentist, I've got a great dentist in Thailand.  Costs a
> fraction of what they charge here.  :-)  Don't need your car there,
> either.  LOL
> Hope you're feeling better soon,
> Mara
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