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The peeling is a film that was bonded to the fabric and has developed cracks
then loosened from the fabric. I've had gaiters do that. I didn't bother to
do anything about it because I didn't care if they were waterproof. I just
wanted them for bugs and mud. The wash-in stuff fills the fabric with a
flexible wax that fills the fibers so they aren't absorbent. Those Aussie
trench coats that were fashionable for a while used waxed cotton to make
them waterproof and I've seen waxed cotton hats in hunting supply places.
While it wouldn't stop the old film from peeling I'm speculating that it
would restore the waterproofing. Again though I haven't tried it so I'm just

Jim Bullard

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> Wash in won't fix the peeling.
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> > I gather that we're not just talking about seams. Would
> > some 'wash-in' water proofing work?
> Correct, not just seems. It is flaking off ALL the
> fabric/material.  I do not know what 'wash-in' waterproofing
> is. Does it work?
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